Monday, February 11, 2013

Countdown to Race Day!

The countdown has begun! It is now 5 days and a wake up until I am running the 26.2 with Donna! My first official marathon (although I've run the full distance in training) and I am getting REALLY excited!

For the longest time the race felt forever away, but now that it's the WEEK OF it feels so close!

Last week I had some back pain during my regular Thursday easy run. I informed my trainer who did some research and got back to me. She thought it was a herniated disc and advised me to stop everything if I wanted a chance at running the race. Panic set in.

I went to the doc the next afternoon. X rays and a few pokes & prods turned out that the pain and swelling is just muscular, thank goodness not a herniated disc. So I'm on a anti-inflammatory and have a 6 day steroid cycle. (I am choosing not to take the steroid cycle because I'm worried about messing with too much in my system this close to the race). The doc also said to go ahead with my routine as long as I felt up to it.

I rested Friday and Saturday, but decided to go for my scheduled 8 miles on Sunday. It was gorgeous outside, so I wore my new lululemon racerback. I love it! I think I'll be buying one in every color. I love how it's a little longer (and hides the booty) and does not ride up.

 Weather permitting, this is the race-day getup. Let's just hope the predicted High 53 Low 41 for the day is not accurate. Do you see an impatient little pup waiting to be taken on a run? Not to mention the plethora of dog toys scattered all around the room? I usually tidy up for the week after my Sunday runs.

I tried out my new bicband. I originally ordered two. This one and the thin band in white. The thin band did NOT stay in place for me at all and it even broke the 2nd time I went to put it on (FAIL). Thankfully, the thicker one stayed in place throughout the run and happens to match the pink-themed race.

I really hope this week flies by. I am SO excited to have my best friend and family in town this weekend. Mike even had t-shirts made for my entire cheering squad (even little Lilly - she will look so cute!) and I can't wait to see how they turned out.

My sister and these three cuties get in town Friday night.

I pick up my BFF, Sara, Saturday morning. And my parents will arive sometime Saturday afternoon. I just can't wait. So many of my favorite people all together in one place. I'm SO blessed to have this much support.

After a speedy (for me) 8 miles on Sunday I feel confident, supported, and ready for the weekend's challenge.

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  1. YEA!!!! Race week and I am pumped! And LOVE your race-day outfit! I may have to purchase a tank or two for me :)

    AND we get t-shirts!!! Awesome! Mike, you are the best! I will wear mine with pride!

    I can't wait to watch you cross the finish line and am so incredibly proud of what you've already accomplished!!