Blogs I Love

I mentioned before that I follow 4 blogs pretty religiously. I thought I'd share them here since they have inspired me to start my own journey...

Pidge's Pantry

This is my best friend's site! She creates WONDERFUL "better for you" recipes, many of which are delicious sweet treats. All of her recipes are low or no sugar and contain no white starches.

Strictly Nutritious

This is the site of an old high school friend. We've recently gotten back in touch as she's encouraged me to begin courses to become a certified health coach! She's already about half way through the program and doing great.

Daily Garnish

A friend from Charlotte and fellow marathon runner got me in to this blog when I started my marathon training program. I felt so connected to this author because of her passion for running and vegetarian food, that I (embarrassingly) admit that I've read every one of her posts dating back to 2008!

Peanut Butter Runner

This author is inspirational! Her workout and food posts are inspiring. Her career and transition are a perfect example of where I hope to be in 2-3 years (maybe sooner!).

If you have any other must-read pages to share (including your own!) I welcome them!

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