Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Peanut Butter Banana Bliss

I'm starting to think short posts are the way to go. Who wants to read a novel (especially one I write)?

There's nothing too exciting going on this week. I'm just working, eating, and trying to stay injury-free for the big race...

oh yeah...about that...I strained my back this morning doing cleans during my endurance set. It's a re-strain (is that a real term?). I had a more serious strain before my first 1/2 marathon back in August of last year. The muscle has never been 100% since (before today I would have said it was 98%).

I see a lot of ice packs, stretching, and foam rolling in my future.

This is the most exciting part of my day:

4 tablespoons of PB2 and 3/4 of a small banana (the other quarter went straight in to my mouth). I love PB2 because it has a lot less calories and fat than regular peanut butter, but (almost) all of the flavor. Mix it with something else you love like banana (or jelly, chocolate, protein shake, etc.) and you'd never know the difference.

The cup may look almost empty, but I assure you it was over 1/2 full before I started diving in.

Mix your PB2 and water first, then add in chunks of banana and mash, mash, mash! I like mine warm - 25 seconds in the microwave.

WHEN oh WHEN would you ever eat 4 tablespoons of real peanut butter? Me? Only in my dreams... That's why I keep a jar of this good stuff at my desk.

Happy Hump Day!

What's your favorite thing to pair with Peanut Butter?

Do I have any fellow PB2 lovers out there?


  1. PB is one of my FAVORITE ingredients! I especially like to throw peanut butter, 2 tbsp soy milk (or almond milk), a handful of chocolate chips and a frozen banana (cut into pieces before freezing) into a blender. Whip it up and BOOM, frozen "yogurt"! Perfect summer treat!

    I have a jar of PB2 in the cabinet, I think I need to try your trick for snack tomorrow! LOVE IT!

    PS- sorry about your back. Be patient and you'll get there!!

    1. Nice! I'm trying my first frozen banana soft serve this weekend. I think I'll throw in these extras!

      PB2 is a game changer. Let me know what you think!